Legacies to a Young Land

In 2003 Basil was commissioned to author a significant family history by our mother, Ethel, then aged 87. The commission took two years and resulted in a magnificent 218 page, illustrated book – Legacies to a Young Land – which continues to delight family members and friends.

Basil was always professional in his dealings with us over the commission, he was fastidious in his approach to research and his writing style produced a lively and entertaining account of our family’s histories which was of much wider appeal than just their descendants. Of greater value to us was the enjoyment this project brought our mother in the twilight of her life, and the deep and trusting friendship that grew with the book.

My sisters and I commend to people contemplating such an undertaking, not only Basil’s professionalism but we also warmly acknowledge the empathy with which he executes the job.  We remain delighted.

Rob Fenwick CNZM

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